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Helping internet users leverage mobile devices and digital media to automate their message, and make more money online!

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Free State Flipper - James Jernigan

Are you struggling with boredom at work, or having thoughts about making serious money online?

James Jernigan - Internet Marketing Expert

Discover the #1 channel for digital marketing and SEO tips in 2021...

Anyone can do this... Yeah, I'm talking about you, the person reading this right now! Web design and social media marketing has never been easier, and I'm about to show you exactly what I mean...

  • Learn how to create stunning digital content right from your mobile device!

  • Get free templates, trainings, tutorials, and software for creating your own automated income streams!

  • Forget firing your boss... Learn the skills you need to HIRE your boss! 

Facebook Engagement

Learn how to reverse engineer the algorithm and explode engagement!

Website Design

Design stunning websites in minutes from pre-made templates and sales funnels!

YouTube Growth

Learn how to create engaging content that drives subscriptions and watch time!

Email, Messenger, and SMS Automation

Put your message on autopilot, and learn how to clone your best self infinitely!

Search Engine Optimization

Professionally optimize all of your content to rank on the first page of YouTube, Google, Yahoo, Bing, and even Alexa!

Digital Media Production

Learn how to create scroll-stopping digital content that forces people to stop and receive your message!


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About Me

(James Jernigan)

Hey, thanks for checking out my website and YouTube channel! I originally started this channel to document my adventures with reselling thrift store items for profit on the internet, using platforms like eBay and Poshmark...

However, things quickly escalated to me producing all kinds of content about digital marketing, SEO, and social media engagement. Basically my channel has evolved into me having a ton of fun, and experimenting with different ways of making money online. In it to win it, I am trying everything, and milking what works!

James Jernigan SEO

Let's all get rich!

That's not a dirty word, is it?

YouTube Channel Management

It's not just for kids anymore... It's a multi-billion dollar business!

Social Media Marketing

Look, it's really not that complicated... You just need to keep people's attention!

Next-Level Web Design

I'll show you exactly how to make these kick-ass websites... It's also pretty simple!

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